We're passionate about fertility patient happiness. Because happy patients are successful patients.

Best Shot is a patient’s companion in fertility treatments, providing medication management & education, streamlining the pharmaceutical ordering experience and enabling safe, supportive micro-communities led by experts.

Our Story.

The founder’s error in administering an IVF med caused a miscarriage.

When Sean and I decided it was time to start our family, we faced an unfortunate situation that impacts 1 in 8 American families: We had infertility. In our case, we were told we could not have a baby without the assistance of IVF. The process was overwhelming, and we were uneducated about the necessary meds and the effect they would have on my body.

A couple of weeks after starting our first IVF round, I miraculously and quite unexpectedly became pregnant naturally. Unfortunately, I miscarried that baby. Our reproductive endocrinologist later confirmed that my miscarriage was likely due a mistake Sean and I made in administering a certain IVF med.

Our story has a happy ending, though. We welcomed two bouncing babies in April 2019 thanks to the incredible medical advancement that is IVF. Nonetheless, our miscarriage could have easily been a tragedy that defined our lives. From this experience, I became passionate about ensuring that a safer, healthier, better educated relationship exists between fertility patients and the meds they must take to have babies.

The Pain Point is the Disconnect.

Information on fertility meds is inaccessible to patients, leading to anxiety & poor drug safety.

Mistakes in med preparation & administration can cost a fertility patient her IVF cycle.

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of cycles that fail, fail based on med errors.

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of patients fail to comply with their protocols.

Fertility nurses aren't operating at the top of their licenses.

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of nurses’ time is spent on paperwork and fielding non-urgent calls & emails.

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Patients who self-administer mindfulness practices have a 67% lower fertility treatment dropout rate than patients who do not.

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Patients who participate in a structured, recurring support group are 4.47x more likely to achieve a pregnancy with fertility treatments than patients who do not.

The Best Shot Solution.

A patient engagement app, clinic dashboard and supportive micro-communities led by experts.

Best Shot Patient App

Patient Engagement App.

Fertility patients receive a secure smartphone app for med education, adherence and ordering.

  • Patients have what they need, when they need it, with access to short, sweet and accurate text & video content.
  • Up-to-date meds, dosages and reminders are truly at patients’ fingertips.
  • Patients can easily find a pharmacy partner that fits their priorities.
Best Shot Clinic Dashboard

Clinic Dashboard.

Fertility clinics receive a clinic dashboard, complementary to their EMR, with quick & easy customization for their patient priorities.

  • Enhance patient experience. Happy patients mean great reviews, more referrals and revenue uplift.
  • Improve clinic efficiency. Nurses currently spend more time being a case manager than providing care.
  • Increased retention, which yields higher success rates. A tech solution for patient engagement reduces anxiety & dropout.
Best Shot Cares Community
Coming Soon!

Best Shot Cares Community.

Fertility stress doesn’t stop with answers to the med mess. Support groups allow us to realize that we're not alone. They provide a space to be heard, surrounded by those who get it.

  • Fertility-focused small group counseling, enabled by licensed clinical therapists, video and safe online micro-communities.
  • Topical & supportive forums for patients to engage with one another on commonalities.

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