Best Shot Launches Fertility Med Management App for Patients

January 14, 2021 by Casey Westlake

A holistic platform for patients undergoing fertility treatment, which provides accessible information on medications, protocols and pharmacies

DENVER -- January 14, 2021 -- Best Shot, a Colorado-based healthtech startup, announced the release of its mobile application on the App Store and Google Play Store. Best Shot is a patient’s digital companion in fertility treatments, with a focus on patient engagement, medication management and mindfulness. Following a series of successful trials and securing commercial contracts with major fertility clinics in 2020, Best Shot released a version of the app that a patient can use in their treatment, regardless of whether that patient’s clinic is a Best Shot customer.

The free app, now available to download on iOS and Android devices, was designed specifically to address medication pain points in the fertility patient experience that can cost a patient success in their treatment outcome.

Best Shot Co-Founder & CEO Abby Mercado miscarried after an error in administering an IVF medication. The former venture capital investor and current mom of IVF twins is now addressing a major gap in patient care by developing a fertility-specific digital product suite, and, with more than 1 in 8 Americans diagnosed with infertility and a growing population of people electing to freeze their eggs, the problem is big, and the time is now.

“So much responsibility is placed solely on the patient and requires absolute adherence to their medication protocol and, as I learned the hardest way, one simple misstep can cost a patient their IVF cycle,” said Mercado. “While clinics, and specifically nurses, can experience substantial workflow improvements from adopting the Best Shot platform, patients are at the heart of our business, so today we introduce a product that allows patients to benefit from our platform regardless of if their clinic has engaged Best Shot for our commercial product offering.”

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