We're Celebrating Innovation with 20% off Wander + Ivy Wine

October 18, 2020 by Abby Mercado

This time last year, I walked through the doors of ASRM and was absolutely floored by the grandeur of the fertility industry – the big, beautiful booths! The scientific rigor! The enormous-hearted people! I had been a mom for 6 months, and, as you can probably guess – me being a founder of a fertility business and all – the road to becoming a mom was a bumpy one. One of the worst feelings I felt during my fertility journey was that of loneliness. Of course, this is a common feeling among my infertile brethren.

My ASRM experience made me want to tell fertility patients everywhere that they absolutely shouldn’t feel so alone – that hundreds of brilliant minds gather together once a year, brainstorming the most efficient and effective ways to give them the families of their dreams through science. If anything’s worth celebrating in 2020, it’s that!

ASRM is quite different this year, of course. While we can’t be anywhere in person to celebrate fertility industry innovation, we can certainly ‘cheers’ the fertility industry from afar…

I’m thrilled to announce a collaboration between Best Shot and Wander + Ivy during the week of ASRM. Wander + Ivy delivers premium wines made with certified organic grapes and packaged in elegant, easy-to-open 6.3 oz glass bottles. Wander + Ivy is Dana Spaulding’s perfect answer to any busy Millennial female’s Tuesday evening struggle: I’d love a quality glass of wine, but I have a 5:30am spin class tomorrow morning, so I’d rather not have more than one glass… Enter the code ASRM20 at checkout to receive 20% off all Wander + Ivy wines (expires 10/23/20). Clink! This week, we celebrate you, Fertility Industry.

Because we’re celebrating innovation and newness this week, I would be remiss if I didn’t share the *somewhat* joint founder story of Wander + Ivy and Best Shot, 2 companies that, well, are not old. Dana, Founder & CEO of Wander + Ivy, is one of my favorite founders around, and I’m probably biased because she also happens to be one of my best friends. Our friendship is special because it’s not average. We’re friends, but we’re also boss babe friends. Let me explain.

We were on a girl’s trip to the mountains as she was conceptualizing Wander + Ivy. In the subsequent months, I cheered her on as she quit her high flying finance job and took the leap into startup world, but I also wanted to put my money where my mouth was, so I invested in her. A few years down the road, as I was conceptualizing Best Shot, she helped me realize that helping others through their fertility journeys was my north star. She promptly invested in me after I popped out my IVF twins, left venture capital and started this business.

Dana and I spend a lot of time cheering one another on, but talk is cheap. We believe that the best way to lift other women up isn’t by cheering for them on the sidelines; it’s by literally investing in them with your money because you believe in them and what they can do. Check out our recent Instagram Live during which we chatted about women investing in women, balancing work with family and self care, mentorship and startup success.

Best Shot // Wander + Ivy Instagram Live
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