Fertility 15 ft. Dr. Eduardo Hariton: We're in Early Innings of Fertility Tech

December 9, 2020 by Abby Mercado

Dr. Eduardo Hariton is a brilliant and charismatic REI, but he's also an entrepreneur at heart -- he graduated from Harvard Business School, for goodness sakes!

Dr. Hariton spoke with us for way more than the promised 15 minutes on his calling as a reproductive endocrinologist (hint: it's because patients are really invested in their care. We can attest to that!), how going to business school has helped him see the healthcare space, and specifically fertility, in a different, more solutions-oriented light and how he loves working in a field in which things are changing so quickly (and believes we're in early innings of fertility science).

We loved talking to him about his passion for helping his patients and his interest in using technology, like artificial intelligence, to lower the cost of care for fertility patients everywhere, increasing access to the amazing science that helps so many.

Don't miss our latest installment of Fertility 15 ft. Dr. Eduardo Hariton -- and don't forget to order A Cub Come True: An IVF Story for yourself or your favorite IVF family this holiday season!

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