Grow Your Social Media Presence & Increase Your Revenue Potential

September 10, 2020 by Mackenzie Timbel

Social media is the sales & marketing of the present, and, with the shift to doing almost everything virtually due to Covid-19, it's a fantastic opportunity for you or your clinic to be involved in the super-strong fertility community safely, without being face-to-face. Plus, with most millennials being active social media users, it's an easy way to reach potential new patients. Here are 4 key strategies to make you or your clinic’s social media top-notch, without having to hire an expensive team of marketers.


Consistency Matters

When trying to build a social media following, consistency matters. Post at a consistent time of day – and with consistent frequency. This not only helps your followers know when to look for new content from you, but it also helps you maintain a manageable schedule without letting posts, captions and engagement overwhelm you. Also, make sure to consistently engage with the accounts of your peers and fertility industry advocates like influencers, therapists, acupuncturists, nutritionists, etc. by liking and commenting on posts. Make a schedule, stick to it and watch your following grow.


#Hashtags #FTW

Hashtags are a great avenue to get your content in front of potential new patients. By using hashtags, you add your post to a ‘thread’ associated with that hashtag that potential new patients just might be viewing. On Instagram (Best Shot’s favorite social media platform!), start off by using 8-10 hashtags. Here’s our secret: Be sneaky… Hide your hashtags in the first comment after you publish the post or include them at the bottom of your caption. This way, your hashtags won’t be obvious, but they will draw more viewers to your content #winning


Don’t Let Perfect Be the Enemy of Good

Social media moves fast, and, with most millennials participating, just starting out can feel intimidating. But don’t let perfect be the enemy of good! Your posts and comments don’t need to be absolutely flawless. For example, you can post something as simple as, “Thinking of the families #TTC. We’re here for you!”. A photo + a short caption + you or your clinic’s list of favorite hashtags = a social media post that can generate real revenue for your clinic. At Best Shot, we use a tool called Canva to make posts that are well-designed and attention-grabbing.


Keep It Real

After launching Best Shot and sourcing customers and partners through social media, we've learned that keeping things real is the best thing you can do to attract interest. Authenticity is everything! Remove the filters and use social media to give potential new patients a look inside your clinic and what actually makes it different from the clinic down the street. Take your followers on a tour of your lab! Ask your nurses some fun questions over lunch! The fertility community on social media is incredibly mighty and also vulnerable. A clinic that can match that vulnerability will appeal to the community.


A special thanks to Dr. Natalia Grinder (Conceptions Reproductive Associates of Colorado), Dr. Stephanie Gustin (Heartland Center for Reproductive Medicine), Dr. Serena Chen (Institute for Reproductive Medicine & Science) and Dr. Kenan Omurtag (Wash U. Fertility & Reproductive Medicine Center) for their participation in this campaign.


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