Halle @ Natalist on the IVF Funnel and Understanding Your Chances of Success

September 1, 2020 by Abby Mercado

Halle Tecco has been a mentor and friend of Best Shot since she asked me in December of 2019, while I was still working in my venture capital role, “So, when are you going to quit your job and do this thing? You might be onto something here…”.

When she came to me asking if I’d "donate data" for her upcoming article, “The IVF Funnel: Understanding Your Chances of Success”, I responded to her email in about 17 seconds with my funnel ‘story’ (you get a free annual license to Best Shot if you can guess which example is yours truly!).

Some key facts & stats Halle uncovers that even WE didn't know are as follows:

  • “Less than one in three rounds of IVF will lead to the birth of a baby.”
  • “Researchers who analyzed thousands of IVF cycles found that the magic number of eggs that lead to a live birth is 15. That is because women who produce too many eggs may have more immature or lower quality eggs.”
  • “It has also been shown that not all doctors are equally competent at performing embryo transfers, and success rates can depend on the doctor performing the procedures.”
  • “One 2018 study of 177 IVF cycles showed that pregnancies with a Day 13 beta hCG concentration under 85 mIU/mL had an 89% risk of having a first trimester loss, whereas those with a beta hCG of greater than 386 mU/mL had only a 9% chance.”

Thank you, Halle, for shedding light on SUCH an important topic. You’re pretty much our favorite girl boss over here at Best Shot.

(And run, don’t walk, to buy ALL of the Natalist things while you're on their site!)

The IVF Funnel: Understanding Your Chances of Success
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