2020 Fertility Industry White Paper: Losing Patients -- and Revenue

August 11, 2020 by Abby Mercado

We know how tough fertility treatments can be on patients because we were them. We believe it's time for clinics to catch up with technology when it comes to patient care and management. Bad or no tech hampers success and causes undue stress for those who matter most: patients.

Best Shot is proud to present our 2020 Fertility Industry White Paper: "Losing Patients -- and Revenue -- Into the Gaps of Fertility Management Care." Here are 3 things we uncovered:

  • Approximately 22% of ART patients fail to comply with their protocol. Patients state one of the main reasons is the demanding and emotional toll of treatments
  • As patients experience failed cycles, compliance rates decrease correspondingly: from 82% after the first failed cycle to 75% after the second
  • Fifty six percent of women report experiencing depression and 76% report anxiety while 32% of men report depression and 61% report anxiety
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