Top 10 Things Your Patients Wish You Knew about Their Fertility Experiences

July 10, 2020 by Abby Mercado

Luckily, Sean and I have become close friends with our reproductive endocrinologist, Dr. Sara Barton of CCRM Colorado. She played a large role in giving us our greatest gifts, Max & Annie, our toddler twins, and she's now Best Shot's Medical Advisor. There were many things we loved about our fertility experience at CCRM Colorado, but there were also many things we, er, had constructive feedback on. We were always forthcoming with Dr. Barton on our feedback, and because Dr. Barton has one of the biggest hearts (and minds!) in the industry, she was always all ears.

Because many patients aren't lucky enough to have close friends in their reproductive endocrinologists, we decided to put out a survey to 300 fertility patients across the U.S., representing their experiences at various clinics. Our prompt was: what is the one thing you wish your fertility doctor knew about your fertility experience? Download this PDF to learn about our findings.

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